Nepomuk Tags Kioslave

Nepomuk has long required a convenient way of managing tags. I've
previously tried this with a simple Tag Managing Application, but
that wasn't something that we wanted to ship. For the KDE Workspace 4.10
release, we are releasing a Nepomuk Tags kioslave.

Listing Tags

The kioslave provides a very convenient way of listing all the tags. You
can even rename and delete tags, just like you would for any other


Browsing Files

Nepomuk has always provided users a way to browse tags, but it was only
one tag at a time. This seemed fairly limiting. Once could browse by
more tags, but then you would have had to write the query yourself.


With this kioslave, you can finally browse the files based on the
tags, and then filter the search even more by selecting more tags.

Applying Tags

The kioslave also supports adding of tags in bulk. Just drag and drop
(or copy) the files into the tagged folder, and the appropriate tags will be applied.