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Nepomuk Tag Manager

Welcome to Nepomuk Tag Week! Well, not really, since it’s not an official thing. I’ve just been working a lot with tags lately, and this week I’m going to be spamming you with some tag related updates (One for every day of the week, minus Monday)

I thought I’ll start with something small - Tag Management.

Sweet and simple

We’ve been badly needing a UI to allow the users to modify, merge and delete their tags. You could always delete this using the conventional “Add Tag” dialog, but this way you can do batch deletes.

I’m not much of a UI designer so the interface is quite bare. I’m hoping that someone can come up with a beautiful mockup, which I can then implement.

And with this I can close BUG 258323.

Source Code: kde:scratch/vhanda/nepomuktagmanager

Update -

I’ve added a Filter bar, merged the “Rename Tag” and “Merge Tags” button, and double clicking on a tag now opens it in the file browser.

Version 2