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A better Tagging Widget

A long long time ago, a very simple tagging widget was implemented. We always though - “Eh! This is temporary. We’ll come up with a better one later.” But that never happened.

The old widget

There is a lot of code in Nepomuk. However most of it is backend stuff which does absolutely marvelous things behind the scenes - Auto duplicate merging, type checking with respect to the ontologies, caching and lots more. We, however, lack good UIs.

So, if you’re a UI designer looking for a challenge, look at Nepomuk. We have a lot of data.

Anyway, enough promotion! Unlike yesterday, I won’t be pointing you towards the source (though it isn’t that hard to find). I’ll just be showcasing some screenshots. You’ll get to try out the tagging widget and whatever-is-in-store-for-tomorrow on Friday.



This was originally implemented with a QListView in flow mode with a custom delegate for tags. Getting it to automatically resize was a pain, and I was missing out on a lot of effects. Eventually, a couple of hours back, someone at #qt pointed me towards Flow Layouts.

I’m in the process of rewriting the old item delegate code, to a widget based one. Minus minor variations it should look the same.

As last time, if someone can make a nice mockup, I’ll be more than happy to implement it :)