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Notably v0.4

I meant to release a new version of Notably on Friday, but I got sidetracked with some stuff. Plus, I’ve been spending a lot of time on designing the UI for this release, which I think isn’t a good idea. Notably is still not quite mature, and I think right now features are more important than polish.

Last week, I showcased some tagging UIs. They aren’t yet ready to be deployed in KDE, as they need to be polished quite a bit. Plus, there is a lot scope for collaboration when designing UIs.


Revamped UI

I’ve gotten rid of most of the custom KWin code. I’d initially wanted my application to look quite different, with a blurred background and fixed size. But that would be locking the user into a fixed interface.

Notably now looks and behaves more like a KDE application. (No more blurred background)


Better Sidebar

Most of the code improvements have been in the sidebar, which now acts as a proper menu and allows navigation.


Experimental Widgets

Some brand new widgets;

Tag Widget

I showcased the new Tag Widget I was working on a couple of days ago. Since then, I’ve improved the code to make it more maintainable, unfortunately it still needs a lot of work.


Tag Cloud

Creating a Tag Cloud turned out to be a greater challenge than I expected. Right now it’s implement with some basic HTML in a QTextBrowser. I’m still experimenting with some custom layout code. Lets see how it goes.


Tag Browsing

You can browse your notes based on the tags they have been given. This will eventually have to be expanded to allow multiple facets - like tags, dates and so on. Implementing it on the Nepomuk side is fairly simple, but I’m not sure about the interface.


After a couple of more releases when I’ve gotten most of the main features down, I’ll start on polishing it up and moving it to extragear :)

Source Code: kde:notably