EDIT: I’d just like to say that I did NOT solve the bug, and I introduced another one in the process. But it was a good learning experience. :) A couple of weeks back I started learning about Qt, and then about KDE. I thought it was time I start contributing, specially since I can. KDE consists of million lines of code, and getting acquainted with such a huge system is a terribly daunting task.


For the past week I’ve been learning about the Qt Framework, mainly cause I want to start contributing to KDE, instead of just bitching about what doesn’t work, or how awesome it is! :-P In case you’re unaware, Qt is an application framework for developing cross-platform GUI applications. TrollTech started it in 1991, and Nokia bought it in June 2008. Qt applications can even be ported to Nokia’s Symbian platform for mobiles.


I know I’ve been posting a lot of Emacs centric posts lately, but this is the last one. For now. I had always found Emacs to be this invigorating, powerful hacker tool, which one mastered would make me a billion times more efficient. And despite everything, I still think that way, but its just not for me. My Emacs journey was rocky. That’s the best way to describe it. Initially I was irritated by the key bindings, then I gradually came to accept them, then I started to love them, and now I hate other applications for not having them.


I finally started to configure Emacs, specifically for C++ and Python. And let me tell you one thing - Emacs is NOT made for newbies or people who have used graphical user interfaces their entire lives. It will be a huge, and I mean huge, learning curve. Will it be worth it? Hell, I’m still waiting to find out. And, here is another thing - If you do not know how to type properly.


Have you checked out the Google wave video? Isn’t it just amazing. The endless possibilities, right? Frankly, the collaborative editing tools were nice, but what really amazed me was the spell checker, and the char-by-char chatting mechanism. The amount of time I spend staring at the screen - "**** is typing". Ugh! Maybe this feature will be added to gTalk soon? Personally, I’m hoping Facebook developers will look into it, and improve their chatting mechanism or maybe they could just get their existing chatting mechanism to work flawlessly.


Anyone reading this post should be warned that I’m really sleepy right now. I have this sudden urge to type about this not so random topic. I am sleepy and you shouldn’t take this post to seriously. I’m just ranting .. Has anyone ever realized that our Desktops in general are really static. There is nothing about it that changes that often. Okay, maybe the wallpaper. But how often does that happen?


I’ve never really understood the hype behind Emacs (and Vi), but thats probably because I’ve never had the patience to actually use them. I always plan to learn how to, and I do. I read the introduction part, familiarize myself with the keys, but thats all that ever happens. Yesterday, I planned to start using it again, because I read an article saying “How AWESOME it is”, I even started reading The Emacs Lisp Manual.


I’ve never really created a full fledged platform game. I’ve tried to, once, and I worked on it for about 6 months and I managed to create something resembling a game, if you count two characters running around many platforms with the ability to jump and bump into one another. Hehe, but then that was a long time back, and I think I’ve improved since then. At least I hope so!


It’s just 1am over here, and for some insane reason I’m really sleepy. But I was messaging a friend (SMS not email) and it got me thinking. I love T9. Yea, that’s right T9 - predictive text. It’s just amazing. I’m one of those people who doesn’t like the SMS lingo, and prefers to type full words and sentences instead of abbreviations and word fragments! (Yea - the whole short part of SMSs are wasted on me!


I just rediscovered this blog I’d found a long time back. It’s called Stevey’s Drunken Blog Rantsand it’s a really old blog. By really old I mean 4-5 years old - h . I had originally found it when I was googling ‘The Singleton Design Pattern’ and reading up on why it’s so bad and shouldn’t be used. EVER! (Unless you’re building a logging class.) Hereis a really nice summary, in case anyone is interested.