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Nepomuk Widgets Repository

With KDE 4.9, we introduced a new repository called nepomuk-core. This contained a combination of kdelibs/nepomuk and kde-runtime/nepomuk. It was created because of the API freeze present in kdelibs. Considering that most of the client libraries are thin wrappers over the runtime components, it made sense to combine them in one repository..

In order to be compatibile with kdelibs, the new library is installed with the Nepomuk2 namespace.

Now with KDE 4.10 we are going to have another new repository nepomuk-widgets. This repository contains the remaining GUI parts of kdelibs/nepomuk that were not moved to nepomuk-core.

Port your Applications

With this repo, we have all of the earlier functionality covered. With 4.10, the Nepomuk libraries will be deprecated. So, port your applications to Nepomuk2. I’ve updated the wiki with a short script that should do take care of most of the changes. You will have to update your CMake files on your own.


The kdelibs/nepomuk libraries are in a critical bug-fix state only. That being said, some of the most important classes over there do not have any kind of tests. With Nepomuk2, we have decent test coverage, and active development. Plus, you get access to a number of new asynchronous APIs.