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Faster Nepomuk Queries

Nepomuk has a very decentralized architecture where the different components exist as different processes. They are all variants of the same executable - nepomukservicestub. This servicestub loads appropriate service plugin. The main reason for doing this was stability. If one of the components crashes, then it doesn’t take all the other components with it.

Unfortunately this architecture doesn’t hold very well when the different components need to communicate with one another. In that case they need to use complex methods such as dbus or local sockets. Another problem is the increased memory consumption cause each process has its own internal cache (Nepomuk stuff) and other KDE specific stuff.


If you ignore file handling in Nepomuk, we have two main services -

The Storage Service is responsible for managing the ontologies, initializing virtuoso, and other data management functions. The QueryService exists for caching queries and running them in a separate thread.

Now the Query Service obviously need to access the virtuoso database, and for that it needs to go through the storage service. This communication happens through a local socket. The same socket which all other applications use to access Nepomuk.

Last week, I finally merged the query service into the storage service.


I was aiming for a small memory decrease, and a slight performance upgrade on the queries. Boy, was I wrong! The additional local socket seems to have been a huge bottleneck.

Here are some benchmarks listing about 12,500 resources.


There are still many more performance upgrades that can be done, but this seemed like a good place to start :)