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Chat logs in Nepomuk

Prototyping is fun. You don’t need to care about proper libraries. Your code can be absolutely horrible, cause “Hey! It’s just a prototype!”

Yesterday, I started the process of importing my entire gTalk chat history into Nepomuk. It turned out to be a lot simpler that I thought it would be.

Step 1: Get the chat logs

GMail fortunately allows you to export your chat logs via SMTP. They don’t implement the traditional XMPP-0136 for fetching offline messages. But at least, unlike Facebook, they provide a mechanism.

I landed up using getmail for importing all chat logs.

getmailrc :

type = SimpleIMAPSSLRetriever
server =
mailboxes = ("[Gmail]/Chats",)

username = *****
password = ********

type = Maildir
path = ~/Chats/

I originally wanted to use offlineimap but they seem to have a problem fetching the Chats in GMail.

There were a lot of logs!

Step 2: Write a parser

The chat logs are presented in a custom xml format encapsulated in the email. The content was in the traditional quoted-printable format, as most emails are. Writing a parser didn’t take too long. Plus, with the new Nepomuk Datamanagement APIs, pushing them into Nepomuk was even simpler.

The API is fun to use!

Ideally, this should be implemented as a strigi analyzer, so that it becomes a part of Nepomuk’s Indexing framwork. But hey! It’s a prototype!

What’s the point of having your chat logs in Nepomuk

Well, for one, the Telepathians can use this to show chat logs. We’ll obviously need a better way of importing the chat logs. Manually calling nepomuk-chat-feeder obviously isn’t an option. So we’ll need to find a proper way of fetching chat logs.

The second, more personal, use is that I finally have a usable dataset to determine important people in my life - based on the chat frequency and timings. AFAIK Facebook internally uses a combination of likes, comments, chat history and stalking to determine how important a person is to you, and accordingly place them higher in the auto-completion list and chat sidebar.

This obviously has many other applications like altering the chat list based on the people you converse with when you’re doing one activity.

Source Code: kde:scratch/vhanda/nepomuk-gtalk-chatlogs