In India, we have 16 premier engineering institutes. They go by the name of IIT (Indian Institute of Technology), and are considered one of top engineering colleges in India.

In a couple of hours, I’ll be flying down to IIT Madras to attend their annual technical festival: Shaastra. I’ve been invited to conduct a hackfest, whose primary objective would be to introduce people to the world of KDE. From what I know, there are 25 people signed up right now.

By the looks of it this 3 day hackfest (29th September - 1st October) is going to be amazingly exhausting and rewarding. If there any KDE developers in Chennai, please stop by! I could use your help.

Apart from me (KDE), we have Yuvi Panda coming on behalf of Wikimedia. Yuvi is also a GNOME developer who works on Cheese. Additionally we have a developer from Drupal, and a hardware hacker who is going to help everyone twist some wires with Arduino.

What to expect

My main focus is going to be bug fixing, so I’m on a lookout for simple bugs that can be fixed by new comers. So far I’ve made a list of around 15 bugs. Quite a few of them are from my note taking application, Notably. So far, I have junior jobs from Telepathy, Nepomuk, Soprano, Yakuake, Choqok(maybe), and Parley. If anyone knows any simple bugs or Junior Jobs, please let me know.

I doubt this event will be as big as was. But I’m still hoping to get quite a few Indian students involved with KDE.

I’ve already prepared a virtual box instance which runs KDE trunk, so they should be able to skip the initial hassle of setting up a KDE Development environment.

Lets see how it goes :)