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Server Outage

On Monday around noon, my virtual private server provider had a complete disk failure on one of the nodes containing a set of VPSs. Unfortunately, I did not have a backup, and neither did my server provider.

Yea, that sucks!

Fortunately, I’m a big believer in data redundancy and have duplicates of most of my important data on my desktop and laptop. I apparently do not consider my blog that important, cause there were no backups of it.

Since I’ve migrated my blog from to my own server ( July 2010 ), I’d only made 3 blog posts. Thankfully Google indexes everything. So, will a little bit of effort and some SQL, I was able to restore those 3 blogs posts along with the correct time stamps. I still haven’t managed to add the comments manually. If anyone has a nice script to do that, please let me know.

Yes, this is the reason my blog looks different! :P