Vishesh Handa's personal website is going to rock!

I’m going to state the most utterly insane thing I can think of – “You have not heard about!“. I know, I’m crazy! But just in case you haven’t – is the first Indian KDE Conference to be held in Bengaluru from the 9th – 13th March.

We have a spectacular list of talks about topics ranging from Localization to Packaging to hard core coding! Additionally we have a series of workshops planned to get you started with KDE, and, help, you discover the amazing KDE community.

From a Google Summer of Code perspective this conference is even more important as you get to meet old GSoC students, and many potential mentors. Plus, you get hands on experience in the various technologies used in KDE.

The last date for online registration is 25th Feb.

Be There!

On a more personal note, I’ll be speaking about the wonders of Nepomuk, and how it is not just about searching. There is a whole world of the Semantic Desktop and its potential is just mind blowing!