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Nepomuk GSoCer's Project Introduction

Is GSoCer even a word? It seems like a Gnome version of soccer :-/

Well, this is my first post to the Planet, and I suppose an Introduction is warranted.

My name is Vishesh Handa, and I’m currently in my second year of B.Tech in Computer Science at Galgotia’s College of Engineering, India. I’ll be officially working on Nepomuk during the summer. (Yaye!) My project is labeled Metadata backup, sync and sharing. Don’t let the boring name fool you, it’s actually super interesting. Well, for me!

Metadata backup and sync are well going to be a little tricky to implement. To understand the problem, try imaging that you have a file, say SomeText.txt and you have another copy of it on another system. You alter the file on both the system such that they don’t resemble each other at all (The checksum, filename, directory, everything). The metadata has been changed, maybe you added a comment or changed its rating. How is the metadata synchronization service supposed to figure out which file on system B corresponds to the metadata which should be updated (synced) from system A.

The is where the new ontology comes into play.

The most interesting part of the project is going to be Metadata sharing. If everything goes according to plan you should be able to share your metadata. I’m super excited about it. Here is an example of what you can expect - With the Facial recognition project ( being done by Aditya Bhatt, a fellow Indian GSoCer ) you and your friend’s photos will automatically get tagged (If they have KDE!) Then you can effectively search through your friends photos to see where you’ve been tagged.

It seems like it’s going to be a fun summer.