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First KDE Contribution

Okay! So, I haven’t been posting at all. I know, I know! :-(

BUT, I made my first actual contribution to KDE a couple of days back! Hurray! :-D The last time I tried to fix a bug, it never really got accepted or rejected. The developer of KSnapshot never returned my emails, even after I pointed out that it was my first patch. This really dissuaded by from contributing to KSnapshot, and even though I knew how to fix other bugs, I never actually got down to doing it. What was the point if they never got accepted?

This time I fixed a bug in Dolphin, which is one my favorite KDE applications. Give it OBEX support, and I wouldn’t need Nautilus for anything, and could probably remove it and the entire GNOME desktop.

The bug I fixed was one I discovered myself, and I never reported it! I know, I should have, but I really wanted to solve it myself. It took my quite sometime, even though the solution was fairly obvious (Isn’t it always?)

Here is an obligatory screen-shot -