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What I love about Qt

For the past week I’ve been learning about the Qt Framework, mainly cause I want to start contributing to KDE, instead of just bitching about what doesn’t work, or how awesome it is! :-P

In case you’re unaware, Qt is an application framework for developing cross-platform GUI applications. TrollTech started it in 1991, and Nokia bought it in June 2008. Qt applications can even be ported to Nokia’s Symbian platform for mobiles. KDE, started in 1996, has always been based on Qt. Here are some things I just love about Qt -

I’m still exploring Qt, so there is a lot I don’t know. But so far I’m really impressed. It really integrates everything together. I can totally see why KDE chose Qt.

Next week, after KDE 4.4 is released. I’ll start going through the KDE code. :-)