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T9 Improvements

It’s just 1am over here, and for some insane reason I’m really sleepy. But I was messaging a friend (SMS not email) and it got me thinking. I love T9. Yea, that’s right T9 - predictive text. It’s just amazing. I’m one of those people who doesn’t like the SMS lingo, and prefers to type full words and sentences instead of abbreviations and word fragments! (Yea - the whole short part of SMSs are wasted on me!)

Anyway it got me thinking, that even though T9 is great. It’s really old and I think with the kind of phones we have now-days(processing power) implementing a couple of advancements should take up too much of the processors speed. I think. Here are some improvements which might be useful to freaks like me -

I think the last two would be kinda tough to implement. Not to mention a waste of time. Still .. it's nice to fantasize once in a while. :-)